Collection Locations

ACE Hardware

Clark Evans from Loveland’s Orchards Ace Hardware

Lights for Life is working with hundreds of ACE Hardware stores around the country to help collect your old and broken holiday light strings for recycling.  Find your local Ace Hardware store, and call them to see if they are participating.

Holiday string lights can be donated to participating Ace Hardware stores between November 1st and February 15th. Participating ACE Hardware locations include Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, northern California, Washington, select ACE Hardware stores in Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alabama and Florida have joined us  as well! We hope to be adding stores in Arkansas and Texas this coming season.

Local Businesses

Many businesses choose to help us collect holiday string lights during the holiday season.

Do you want to collect donations for Lights for Life? Contact us, and we’ll provide you with signage!

Over the past six years,  Lights for Life has collected over 125 tons of  Holiday Light Strings!  We have been able to help many families that have a child with cancer with the proceeds of your donations. We are currently looking for child referrals to be the recipients of our last string light recycle campaign.

Remember, your old light strings can help make life a little easier for some very special children.